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What does Twirl do?

Twirl is a tech-enabled platform that connects inspiring consumer companies with talented creators like you and facilitates the relationship with minimal communication from both sides.

Why should I join?

We make it easier for you to find work with awesome consumer companies and agencies that pay well and frequently - the compensation ranges from $110 - $300+ USD per project (depending on the number of extra hooks or variations)! By joining Twirl you can leave outreach and sales behind and just focus on what you do best - creating authentic content!

Our platform gives you greater access to a steady stream of brands and takes away the painstakingly time-consuming process of getting traction going with your UGC business. On Twirl there is no direct outreach, cold emailing, no email back-and-forth etc, which means you can create waaaay more content and make more money in the long run.

What are the perks?

First and foremost, the compensation rate on Twirl is the highest compared to other UGC platforms out there! Oh, and don’t forget the free products you’ll receive from brands you work with! ;)

Creators are the heart of Twirl because without our highly professional and skilled creators, we have nothing to offer. We want to support you as best as we can, and that’s why we are currently in the process of setting up a Creator University that would share advice from industry experts, host classes to enable you to grow your UGC business and improve your content creation.

What is the process to becoming a Twirl Creator?

Once you complete the application form, we’ll review your video & socials within a week get back to you. If successful, we’ll then send you an invite to complete your Twirl Creator profile and ta-daaa! You’re an official Twirl Creator.

What are your requirements?

A smartphone and ability to create great quality content! Remember: A strong intro video and UGC portfolio make the difference. We strictly vet creators, so give it the best you can! What you definitely don't need is followers - after all, we focus on producing stellar UGC.

I’m brand new to UGC, can I still apply?

Of course! We care about quality, not experience!

Do I have to edit my content?

Yes, basic editing skills are needed. All projects require a version with at least (native-looking) subtitles and the raw edit. Sometimes only the raw footage will be required, other times you might be asked to edit, and this could include adding subtitles, cutting, music or filters.

How much do I get paid and how?

Our compensation usually ranges from $110-$300+ USD per project (depending on the number of extra variations requested). Payment is automatically released within 14 days of brand approval. We partner with Lumanu to process your payouts securely and hassle-free worldwide. The rate also depends on video duration, whether a physical product is involved and how many creators are willing to do the job.

What if my usual rates are higher than what Twirl is offering?

Our compensation usually ranges from $110-$300+ USD per project. If you usually charge more than that, you should still apply because there might be projects coming in that pay more than our usual rates.

Do you take a fee from the advertised compensation?

The advertised compensation on the brief you'll see on the dashboard is 100% yours. Once content is approved, we process your payout through Lumanu. Depending on your location and bank provider, there might be small bank transaction fees for international withdrawals from your Lumanu account to your connected bank account.

Do you operate globally?

At the moment we mainly work with creators from the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UAE, but we have more and more projects coming in from other countries! Please apply and join Twirl so we can hit you up when we expand our services!

How does it work with usage rights?

By signing up to Twirl, you are agreeing to the transfer of 100% usage rights to the company you'll be working with and Twirl. However, we always ensure that your content is not used for any indecent, obscene, threatening, discriminatory or harassing purposes and will not be used on platforms or pages other than the customer's website and social channels.

There is also an extra compensation for whitelisting ($125) where you grant permission to your content/post for a 30-day period.

Do I have to provide revisions?

If you receive a revision request after uploading content, it means that the content does not fit the brief given or a mistake has been made. You won’t get penalised for this, just asked to fix the issue and re-upload!

On Twirl, customers can request adjustments to the completed piece you've sent their way. This can be for:
- Errors in the piece you've submitted, such as missing brief details or grammatical/spelling mistakes. This can include complete re-dos if there's a strong mismatch between what was requested and what you've submitted (in such cases, it's good to reach out to us so we can help assess as well).
- Adjustments to the final piece to help shape it up to what they're looking for, such as correcting the style, or elaborating on a specific point in the brief

What revisions don't cover
Revision requests aren't intended to build on an existing brief. If the customer is asking for additional points to be covered that weren't part of the original brief, please reach out to us so we can help assess and see if the ask is reasonable or requires additional compensation.