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A Thriva in Variations: How A/B Testing Hooks Boosts Ad Performance

Any early adopter of UGC knows that the difference between a viral video and one that needs to be forgotten about, is all in the hook. Here's how Thriva, a Home Blood Testing kit, hacked their performance by A/B testing various hooks and seeing varied performance across the content!

March 29, 2023

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In the UGC space, we have early adopters, trendsetters, carbon copiers, and latecomers. All of these segments know that short-form video content is the new deal. With decreasing length of ads across various industries, we've had a knock-on effect of decreasing attention span from consumers. Given this, brands are desperately looking to earn mere seconds of attention from their target audience. If they can hook a consumer into the first few seconds and stop the endless scroll, they've got a golden opportunity to get their message across and promote their product. 

Thriva, a brand committed to putting health in its consumer's hands with at-home test kits that provide GP-reviewed results, knows how to leverage UGC to drive marketing performance.  One short scroll through their socials and you'll see authentic marketing, hook testing, and powerful call-to-actions for their consumers. They also know exactly what their consumers want to hear to drive conversions and sales. 

When Thriva came to us wanting 3 creators to on the same brief, but with a varied hook; we were impressed, to say the least. Clearly, Thriva knew the power of A/B testing on their content which allows them to learn from their marketing strategies and constantly innovate using data-driven solutions. At this point, we were confident that Thriva was a 'trendsetter'!

Thriva went on to create its vision by leveraging Twirl's vast, diverse, and vetted creator network. Creators were matched, products were shipped, and statuses were updated all in a matter of days. All friction with creator sourcing, management, payroll, usage rights, and the rest was alleviated with the power of Twirl! 

Within five days of product delivery, the creators went on to make Thriva's vision a reality. The same project, but each with a different hook? Got it! The content was submitted within five days of product delivery, and we patiently awaited Thriva's approval. As always, brands are able to submit 'Revision Requests' on our platform if they feel that the content doesn't quite strike the brief on the first try. 

Thriva enjoyed the content and had confidence that the varied hooks will go on to provide them with insight on how to best capture their ICP's attention. All the content was posted and all parties awaited patiently to measure the performance.

Thriva found that the hook with 'Ever wish you were more proactive with your health?' performed the best, with significant differences in performance across the three hooks, even though the rest of the video followed the exact same script. 

With this learning, Thriva can optimize its content and future ad briefs. And with 100% usage rights on all content produce through Twirl, they can reimagine, recycle, and reuse the content in the future with slight variations such as animated text-only formats. All is well, and Thriva is truly thriving! 

Be like Thriva and trust Twirl to produce high-quality and performing UGC by leveraging our vast creator network. 

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