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Total Ad-Blockbuster: Achieving Optimal Performance Marketing

The team at Total Adblock was on a mission to get their message out and what better place to start than performance UGC?

March 24, 2023

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Total Adblock works tirelessly to improve your browsing experience for both desktop and mobile users. We all know of the Chrome Extension that saves us from having to sit through the first seven seconds of a Youtube Ad, yet did you know that you can do away with targeted and random ads on your phone also?

The team at Total Adblock was on a mission to get their message out and what better place to start than performance UGC? They needed high-quality, authentic content, and they needed it fast. Theoretically, their marketing team could have internalized all processes in creative strategy, briefing, creator sourcing (including dealing with all usage rights, quotes, and payroll), production, and post-production. But there's no fun in that. In fact, it's a rather painful process for brands to internalize all these processes.

Enter Twirl! Twirl is an external tool for brands like Total Adblock to bring their vision of top-performing marketing to life. Marketers at Total Adblock wanted to spread their product USP's of a cleaner web experience, online privacy, and faster browsing. They briefed their idea and wanted a female creator in her 20s to bring this brief to life.

Frankie from the Twirl Creator Network was equally interested in this project and had faith in her abilities to deliver the all-important USPs. Via her dashboard, she applied for the job and was all smiles when Total Adblock reciprocated interest when selecting their creator for the project. And, just like that, a match was made in heaven. Frankie got the content to Total Adblock within a matter of days who then ecstatic with the quality, quick turnaround, and price too were ready to start promoting it on their socials!

And they promoted it well too. The content didn't take too long to appear on TikTok Top Ads. The numbers you ask?

  • Top 9% industry average for Conversions
  • Top 8% industry average Remains
  • Top 8% industry average for Clicks

The numbers don't lie! Total Adblock really hacked their way to UGC fame, seeing a significant return on investment for their product.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now to get our brand on TikTok Top Ads with Twirl. Leverage our creator network and UGC expertise to develop your performance marketing. We're here waiting for you!

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