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Zigzag's UGC Success Story: Twirl Interview with Sam

Discover how Zigzag, an innovative puppyhood app, transformed their marketing strategy with UGC. By collaborating with the right creators, they enhanced their paid ads and engaged their target audience authentically. Learn how Zigzag laid the groundwork, embraced authenticity, and fostered collaboration to elevate brand quality.

March 18, 2024

Within our extensive UGC creator network, we are proud to offer a wide range of demographics and, naturally, pets are no exception in this diverse selection.

One standout success story comes from Zigzag – an innovative app platform that makes the puppyhood journey a walk in the park. During our conversation with Sam, the marketing executive at Zigzag, he revealed invaluable insights into the significance of collaborating with the right UGC creators and how this partnership led to a notable enhancement in their paid ads.

Before UGC

Initially, Zigzag relied heavily on stock imagery and traditional marketing approaches for their social media presence. However, with Sam's arrival, an opportunity to engage more intimately with their community through UGC emerged. By actively immersing himself in a Facebook Group community, Sam gained firsthand insights into their audience's desires and preferences, strategically shaping their collaborative UGC content creation journey.

Shaping a Realistic Narrative

Sam noticed that there was a common shortcoming in their competitors' marketing strategies — a lack of showcasing the genuine customer journey. Instead of solely focusing on desired outcomes as if their services were an instant cure to their customer’s problems, Zigzag decided to embrace their community's challenges and showcase the process of overcoming them. This approach unleashed the full potential of UGC, as it resonated authentically and profoundly with their target audience.

According to Sam, "UGC definitely performs the best and it's completely changed my tactics towards organic UGC. When you post really quick, easy, relatable videos, the engagement rate just shoots up."

Working with Creators

Key to their UGC success was Zigzag's collaboration with UGC creators. By selecting creators who genuinely connected with the brand and their values, Zigzag struck a delicate balance between providing clear directions and allowing creative freedom. This approach enabled creators to infuse their unique perspectives into the campaigns and significantly improved the quality and performance of Zigzag's UGC content.

"You need to actually give them guidance, because the more you control it and choreograph it in a sense, the more success you're gonna get. If you don't do that and they come back with content that you didn’t want, well, you didn't tell them what you wanted."

Positive Impact on Brand Quality

Through effective collaboration and communication with creators, Zigzag witnessed a remarkable enhancement in the quality of their paid ads. By refining briefs, providing clear direction, and curating an environment that nurtured creativity, Zigzag succeeded in elevating the authenticity and relatability of their UGC content. Consequently, they observed a surge in engagement levels and a strengthening of brand loyalty.

"It's just made my life so much easier, and it's made the quality of the paid ads that we're creating so much better. It's never going to be good if you don't have an element of control over it."

Conclusion: Authenticity and Collaboration

Zigzag's journey with UGC serves as a powerful testament to the incredible impact authenticity and collaboration can have on marketing success. From embracing the challenges faced by their community, building strong relationships with creators, and staying on the genuine path of their customer’s journey, Zigzag unleashed the true potential of UGC and achieved remarkable results for their brand.

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