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Scroll-stopping performance UGC video ads

Full-service creative strategy and content studio specialising in UGC video ads. We are powered by a network of over 500 vetted content creators and our tech-enabled service delivery.
Two week process to scroll-stopping ads!
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Step 1
Creative Strategy and Briefing
We look into competitors, trends and your previous content to form killer ad concepts and translate that into creator friendly briefs.
Step 2
Creator Sourcing and Production
Send the brief to our network and select your top creator. Ship your products, once received they film the footage and upload it.
Step 3
Delivery and Iteration
We quality control and edit footage into high performance ads. Receive ready-to-launch content, you can request revisions until it is perfect!

Your performance creative hub

We become your killer creative strategy team

We do extensive competitor and trend research
In-house ideation of concepts & variation options
Building out creator friendly brief and script

We source footage fast through our creator network

Source and shortlist creators from our network
Handle logistics and ensure creators receive products
Direct creators closely to film all required footage

Turn raw content into winning ads that lower your CPA!

Quality control all footage produced by our creators
Edit in-house to produce finished ready-to-run ads
Work closely with you to revise until perfect

Amplify your brand with creator collaborations

Work with creators to setup whitelisting
Have creators post content on their pages
Get permission to tag creators in your captions

500+ creator network

Our most important asset at Twirl is our network of authentic content creators.
Multi-step vetting process: We only get the top 1%, ensuring quality across the board
We also have the ability to source new creators in any location.
Focus on diversity: We have creators from all walks of life and generations

We are experts in data-driven creative strategy and production!

Paid Social
Produce highly authentic and engaging content for paid social ads at scale. 
Build a testing engine, try lots of different hooks, learn what works.
UGC performs 2-3x better than branded content for paid ads.
Organic Social
Constantly populate and churn out content for your social feeds.
Stay on top of the algorithms, jump on trends quickly, leave it to the pros. 
Have multiple faces, personalities and profiles populating your feeds. 
Launch your brand, create a foundational set of content to get moving.
Associate your brand with a specific creator/audience profile. 
Grow your brand, scale up your identity through lifestyle and brand content.
eCommerce & Website
Transform your e-commerce website with more engaging content.
Increase engagement and conversion on e-com with UGC video.
Show off your team and give your business a human personality.
Why choose Twirl?
We've mastered UGC
We have been scaling UGC production for over 12 months now. We know the ins and outs of working with creators and how to produce the best content.
Visibility and efficiency
Our dashboard allows you to get full transparency and visibility on projects, statuses and timelines. Always know what is going on with your UGC videos.
Fast turnaround time
We can get projects turned around all the way from research, briefing to finished content within 2 weeks. Most other agencies will take a minimum of 1 month.
Owned creator network
We have over 500 content creators in our direct network, we do not outsource creators like other agencies do, allowing us to access the best creators fast.
Because we know UGC!

Success stories from our innovative customers

“YAY!! I love these - the quality is AMAZING!
The creators are a great find - they are 100% our brand!!“
Founder & CEO, HIGHR

Success stories from our innovative customers

“The videos are great, the versions we got are doing very well on FB ads!
Head of Growth, Blueheart

Success stories from our innovative customers

“It's like Uber for content production, it's streamlining. I send my brief, it gets tweaked by experts, and get an email when it's done. Hands-free within a few days!
Norsu Media Group

Success stories from our innovative customers

“Twirl takes the pain out of finding content creators. You provide the brief and Twirl does the rest, we are finally able to feed the content monster. Super straightforward and easy.“
Founder, Rho Kombucha

How do we compare?

We have our own creator network
More visibility through our dashboard
Over 1 year producing 1000s of UGC
Tech-enabled automated processes
We get content made in 1-2 weeks
Twirl usage license included
Other Agencies
Outsource creators which is slow
Lack of transparency and updates
Inexperienced in the UGC process
Non-technical manual processes
Usually take over 1 month
Usage rights unclear

Success Cases

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Nip + Fab knows the market inside out but getting its target audience to stop scrolling in the first few seconds will always be a challenge. That's where Twirl comes into the picture.
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What The UGC Craze Is All About

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5 Questions Creators Must Ask for Great UGC Videos

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