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Frequently asked questions

What does Twirl do?
Twirl is a full-service creative strategy and content studio. We exist to make it easier than ever for you to scale up performance whilst taking advantage of authentic, engaging, UGC video ads.

We take care of everything, including research and ideation, briefing and scripting, hiring creators, editing and deliver the final content ready to run on paid ads or organic!
Do you offer revisions?
Yes! The number of revisions offered depends on the package you are going for.

A revision is any correction of the ad during the editing phase. A revision does not include reshooting the content. But don't worry! You will be involved in every step of the way - you will approve the content creators, the creative strategy, and review ad outlines before we shoot.
What are ad concepts and variations?
An ad concept is the “Big Idea” that captures audience interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action. It's essentially the main message of the ad.

Variations are iterations on the delivery around a specific concept. This could be a different hook, CTA, music or something else. Often, very small variations drive an ad to go viral, so it's important to test multiple variations.

For example, the hook is the first few seconds of the ad. It's also called the "scroll-stopper".
Can I customise a content package?
Yes, please send us a message or schedule a call and we would be happy to talk about your requirements and put together a custom package for you.
Can I provide scripts for video ads?
Yes. If you have a specific brief or script you would like us to use, we will can bring your vision to life.
Do you have influencers?
No. We are not an influencer agency. All of our content creators focus on creating the most engaging content for you to run on paid ads or posting organically. We do offer creator whitelisting which is where creators post and allow you to put money behind the post, however most creators have <10k followers!
How does it work with usage rights?
We offer 100% usage rights for all of the content you produce on Twirl. The content is yours to use for organic, paid or however you see fit.
Do you work with agencies?
We do offer UGC production services to agencies looking to outsource or gain more access to creators and scale up. This would be under a different pricing model however, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss!
What locations do you operate in?
We are a globally remote company with the majority of our content creators in the UK and US. We do however also have creators in EU, CAN and AUS. Wherever you need creators, is where we will work!

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