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What does Twirl do?

Twirl is a platform helping brands and agencies produce authentic and engaging content through a network of vetted, diverse content creators.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes! The number of revisions offered depends on the number of videos you buy at a time. Our creators will revise content until it hits the brief for free, and then you get a complementary on-top revision for anything you would like to change!

Can I add multiple variations (Hooks, CTAs, etc.)?

Every video produced through Twirl is one single variation, but we also allow you to purchase variation credits for £60/$80 each. You can add as many variations as you would like to video projects. You can even re-open previous projects is you would like the creators to produce more variations of an ad that works!

How can I use my video credits?

Our pricing is fully flexible, you can buy as many videos as you want and use those credits over whatever period you like. You can buy 20 credits and use them over a week or a year. Your credits do not expire. With Twirl, you will never pay anything over the per-video price. We do not have platform fees, monthly commitments, or custom prices for every video like other platforms.

Do I need to provide the full brief?

If you would like to use our platform self-serve, you can create your project brief using our brief builder. However, if you would like some support, maybe you don't have ideas or want to leverage our experience to learn what videos you should be producing, we offer a free creative strategy for your first brief. Our team helps you with creative research, coming up with concepts and building the brief to post on our platform! This is totally optional, the majority of our customers use our platform self-serve.

Do you have influencers?

We are not an influencer platform. Most of our content creators focus on creating the most engaging content for you to run on paid ads or posting organically. We do offer creator whitelisting which is where creators post and allow you to put money behind the post, however most creators have <10k followers.

How does it work with usage rights?

We offer 100% usage rights for all of the content you produce and approve on Twirl. The content is yours to use for organic, paid or however you see fit.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes, we do offer whitelisting for agencies that would like to leverage our platform for their clients. Get in touch with our team to learn more!

What locations do you operate in?

We are currently focused on the UK and US market but do also have creators in Europe (Germany, Italy, France, Spain) and Australia. Our team is globally remote operating across multiple timezones.