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No two days are ever the same in Performance Marketing. This is double true for skincare brands such as Nip + Fab existing in an uber-competitive market. In their own words, the pandemic birthed a need for Nip + Fab to 'stay connected to customers via social media more than ever'. Enter short-form vertical video platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and the lot! 

Nip + Fab knows the market inside out but getting its target audience to stop scrolling in the first few seconds will always be a challenge. That's where Twirl comes into the picture. As experts in UGC and performance marketing, we supercharge the results and ensure that content is being watched by the intended audience. Add clicks, conversions, and sales on top of that and you've unlocked marketing mastery!

Nip + Fab knew all about Twirl's value when briefing for their Skin Cycling Kit promotion. They briefed their project and sent it Twirl's way. Within a matter of hours, the project was approved and advertised to our vast creator network of the top 1% of UGC creators in the space. Within days, Nip + Fab liked the look of Jade and the love was reciprocated; a match was made in heaven! Jade received her Cycling Kit and got to creating some top-performing, authentic, high-quality content. Within the week, Nip + Fab received Jade's video for review which was approved and ready for use with 100% usage rights. 

Nip + Fab had enough faith in this content to attach some dollar signs to it. And good thing they did! The content went onto feature on TikTok Top Ads in no time and Nip + Fab laid back and enjoyed their return on investment. 

The numbers you ask? 

  • Top 6% of industry average for CVR 
  • Top 9% of industry average for Conversion
  • Top 20% of industry average for Remain

Not too shabby, right? Don't believe us? Have a look for yourself!

Don't be the brand that misses out. Be like Nip + Fab and let Twirl handle your UGC. Whether that's support in the whole process (creative, production, and post-production) or you're just wanting to produce some high-performing content, get in touch with us now! 

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