Jun 5, 2024

UGC 101: An introduction to UGC (and why you should include it in your 2024 marketing campaigns!)

Discover why 87% of brands are leveraging UGC to build trust, engage audiences, and boost sales. Learn what UGC is, the different types, and how to integrate it into your marketing strategy effectively.

Discover why 87% of brands are leveraging UGC to build trust, engage audiences, and boost sales. Learn what UGC is, the different types, and how to integrate it into your marketing strategy effectively.

User-generated content (UGC) is taking over social media platforms, and it’s not hard to see why. While everyday consumers are used to traditional ads, UGC emerges as a raw vision of authenticity, captivating audiences and encouraging online sales. Because of this, 87% of brands are tapping into the strength of authentic UGC to connect with their customers.

What’s the hype?

UGC serves as the modern-day equivalent of word-of-mouth referrals. When your customers share genuine reviews and experiences, it generates trust in your brand. Studies prove that an overwhelming 92% of consumers actively seek out reviews and recommendations from fellow customers before making a purchase (we're definitely guilty of this too ✋).

What is User-Generated Content?

At its core, UGC refers to content created by customers that spotlights a brand, which the brand can then share across through their own channels. UGC can be any type of content— photos, videos, reviews, or testimonials.

Unlike traditional influencer marketing, UGC is organically generated, with users voluntarily sharing their experiences and recommendations. The essence of UGC lies in its genuine portrayal of your brand through the eyes of your customers. This authenticity is key to its appeal, making it more relatable and trustworthy for your audience.

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Types of UGC

Reviews and Testimonials: Honest reviews build trust. When potential customers see others praising your product, they’re more likely to buy.

Photos and Videos: Visual content showing your products in real-life settings.

Unboxing Videos: These videos capture the excitement of opening your product, creating a fun and engaging way to show it off.

Tutorials and How-to Videos: Step-by-step guides that show users how to use your product, adding value and encouraging engagement.

Comedy and Entertainment: Fun and relatable content featuring your product, which can help increase its appeal and shareability.

Storytelling: Personal stories from users about their experiences with your product, adding a human touch to your brand.

Who Creates User-Generated Content?

Several groups contribute to UGC:

Customers: Individuals who use your products and share genuine experiences on platforms like TikTok or Instagram.

Brand Loyalists: Dedicated fans create content that showcases their deep affinity for your products.

Social Media Followers: This group includes both customers and fans who interact with your brand online, extending your reach.

UGC Creators: These specialised creators are everyday people who make sponsored content that looks and feels like genuine customer posts. Their content authentically showcases products without having to post it onto their own channels, differentiating them from traditional influencers.

Why companies should be using UGC in their marketing campaigns

User-Generated Content (UGC) is a powerful strategy for brands to include in their marketing campaigns. It builds trust because potential customers see real people sharing their honest experiences with your product. UGC also increases engagement by creating a sense of community and encouraging others to share their stories. It’s cost-effective, as it’s more affordable than traditional influencers fees, plus brands own 100% rights to their content.

UGC enhances brand authenticity, making your marketing feel more genuine and relatable. Overall, incorporating UGC can boost your brand’s credibility, drive more sales, and build a loyal customer base.

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