Apr 3, 2024

Turn UGC Into Shoppable Videos on Your Website

Discover the power of shoppable videos and how Videowise can enhance your customer engagement and conversion rates using UGC.

Discover the power of shoppable videos and how Videowise can enhance your customer engagement and conversion rates using UGC.

Since content consumption and commerce blur, brands continuously seek creative ways to captivate and convert their audience.

​One such way is shoppable videos.

But what are shoppable videos?

Shoppable videos are interactive videos that keep your viewers hooked and entertained.

The best part is they enable viewers to shop for products featured within the video content.

For example, while watching a makeup tutorial, the shoppers can click on the lipstick shade the user or the influencer is wearing and purchase it instantly without leaving the video.

That's the magic of shoppable videos.

​These interactive experiences revolutionise how brands engage with consumers, offering a more streamlined shopping journey on all your website pages or beyond your site.

Benefits of shoppable videos

Taking advantage of shoppable videos enhances engagement and conversion rates.

Integrating commerce seamlessly into content lets you capture and retain audience attention more effectively than traditional ads.

​Moreover, the interactive nature of shoppable videos leads to higher conversion rates, as viewers are more inclined to make purchases when products are readily accessible within the video.

​Not to mention, shoppable videos offer you valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences.

​Analysing data collected from these videos allows you to gain deeper insights into your target audience, enabling more personalised marketing strategies and product recommendations.

Why should you transform your UGC videos into shoppable videos?

UGC and shoppable videos are a match made in heaven. Customers appreciate nothing more than UGC videos, and 70% of Gen Z and 78% of millennials find UGC helpful with purchasing decisions.

​Making them shoppable only increases the chances of your prospects adding your products to their cart.

​Let’s see what are the benefits of making UGC shoppable videos.

1. Establishing your brand authenticity

Simply creating product demos and making them shoppable doesn’t help you build that layer of authenticity that UGC adds.

​Showcasing real experiences and honest customer testimonials in your shoppable videos makes your brand more trustworthy.

​And having authentic content that builds customers’ trust leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

2. Building a community around your brand

The best part of integrating UGC into shoppable videos is that it involves customers in the creation process, creating a sense of community and belonging around the brand. 

​With 91% of customers being more inclined to leave a review because they belong to a community, community-driven content encourages user participation and amplifies brand advocacy, driving long-term loyalty. 

​By incorporating user-generated content into shoppable videos, brands provide authentic experiences and create a vibrant community where customers feel valued and connected.

3. Using UGC for shoppable videos is cost-efficient

Think about how much it costs to hire an entire video production team to create product demos, presentations, and so on.

​However, leveraging your existing UGC videos for shoppable experiences is virtually free. 

​By repurposing content created by your customers, you save on production expenses and tap into a valuable resource that helps your brand authenticity and engagement. 

4. Offering personalised and diversified content

Shoppable videos featuring UGC can be tailored to individual consumer interests and preferences, ensuring that each viewer receives content that resonates deeply with them.

​This personalized approach enhances engagement and increases conversion rates. Consumers are more likely to purchase when the content speaks directly to their needs and interests. 

5. Offering scalability

Shoppable videos offer a scalable way to leverage UGC, maximising its impact and reach.

​From email marketing to SMS campaigns and even packaging QR codes, UGC shoppable videos can be repurposed and integrated into different touchpoints of the customer journey.

​Imagine creating a personalized email featuring a UGC shoppable video showcasing satisfied customers using your products or creating a QR code on the product packaging for your shopper to access a UGC shoppable video tutorial.

​This versatility ensures you have a consistent message across all channels and reinforces brand identity throughout the customer experience.

What if you don’t have enough UGC content

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established brand with hundreds of UGC videos to choose from for your shoppable videos or a rising star in the ecommerce market with empty pockets. 

Gathering UGC videos is easy. Create contests or giveaways for your customers in return for UGC videos of them unboxing your products, using your products, or whatever comes to your mind.

​Statistics even show that 60% of users say they would create content for a brand if rewarded, so what are you waiting for?

​But remember to always ask for their permission to use their content.

3 examples of brands leveraging UCG into shoppable videos

goPure Beauty

goPure Beauty stands out in the skincare industry by offering its customers toxin-free and highly effective skincare solutions.

​The brand integrated shoppable UGC video carousels onto their product pages, significantly enhancing their interactivity and engagement.

​By featuring real customer experiences and testimonials in video format, goPure provides potential customers with an authentic insight into the effectiveness of their skincare products. This helps convey the brand's commitment to quality and creates a more immersive and memorable user experience.

​The results speak for themselves. 

​Within just one month of integrating UGC shoppable videos, goPure experienced a return on investment 204X. 

​The shoppable videos led to 1,705 orders, generating a remarkable revenue of $200K. 

​Incorporating UGC shoppable videos has been a resounding success for goPure Beauty.


Tushbaby, offering baby-carrying solutions, recognized the importance of shoppable UGC videos featuring satisfied customers as a valuable resource. 

​These videos are powerful tools for building trust and credibility by sharing real-life parenting experiences with the Tushbaby carrier. 

​Hearing positive feedback from other parents and witnessing their testimonials reassures potential customers about the product's effectiveness and safety.

​As a result, in two months, Tushbaby witnessed an increase in overall store conversion by 3.6%.

Tortuga Backpacks

Tortuga Backpacks showcases a diverse range of shoppable UGC videos.

​This approach enables comprehensive testing to identify the most impactful videos, providing valuable insights for optimizing the presentation of complex product features to enhance customer understanding.

​The effectiveness of Tortuga Backpacks' shoppable UGC videos is evident, with a 3.5% increase in overall store conversion rate observed in one month alone.

Enrich your customers' experience

Integrating UGC into shoppable videos presents a significant opportunity for you to elevate your ecommerce strategies.

​By leveraging UGC's authenticity and the interactivity of shoppable videos, you can create an incredible shopping experience that drives engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

​Collaborating with platforms like Twirl and Videowise allows you to seamlessly transform your UGC videos into shoppable experiences, maximising their impact and reach.

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