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Bone Appétit: How Take Stock supercharged their Ad Campaign with Twirl

On a cold December morning, Take Stock had the genius idea of utilizing Twirl to create some authentic UGC to promote their Bone Broth. Fast. This is how they did it.

March 24, 2023

2 Min Read

On a cold December morning, Take Stock had the genius idea of utilizing Twirl to create some authentic UGC to promote their Bone Broth. They needed the content within a matter of weeks if they were to leverage the ‘New Year New Me’ health trends. They briefed the content in a matter of minutes, and within days were matched with Sarah Young, a content creator specializing in social media management while simultaneously running WithYouStudios. The team at Take Stock promptly shipped the Bone Broth to Sarah who, once received it, took the brief and made it a reality. Take Stock received the content well before Christmas, and though they were afforded revision requests, thought the content was just perfect! 

The creative follows Sarah, who was looking to improve her mental and physical health, as she shares why Bone Broth is her ‘fasting secret’. She debunks notions of traditional fasts by highlighting the ways in which the product has made a difference in her life, seamlessly dropping key product USPs. All the while, she demonstrates the product, showing how easy and efficient it can be to prepare and fit into a busy schedule. The fast-paced scenes and informal tone of voice are relatable and keep viewers engaged - from her casual home outfit to quirky touches in her home, the ad feels raw, unfiltered, and authentic.

This creative does more than just shed a positive light on Take Stock’s Bone Broth

  • Brings health-conscious folk together. 
  • Initiates conversations around a market disruptor. Bet you never thought of a bone broth fast!
  • Provides an insight into Sarah’s daily routine, developing both her creator portfolio and experience in lifestyle influencing

With consumers, 2.4 times more likely to view user-generated content as authentic than content created by brands/charities, the time to invest in an authenticity-driven social marketing strategy is now. 

Not convinced? Well, let’s break down the returns that Take Stock had on this seamless initiative. This content performed in the top 5% of the industry average for clicks, top 7% for conversions, top 5% for remains, and top 16% for CVR. The numbers do not lie! 

So what are you waiting for? Use Take Stock as your inspiration and get producing some authentic UGC by utilizing Twirl’s diverse creator catalog and guaranteed speedy service! 

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